Dedicated Websites

It’s becoming quite common for the major US and UK publishers to have a website dedicated to a single book title to help with that books marketing. Typically the web address (URL) of the website will be Here’s an example from HarperCollins in the UK for a fairly successful book called The Sugar Girls. The website is at

There could be marketing benefits for the independent author also to have such a website. Of course the website would carry links to where the book is available, but it can also be used in communication with newspaper book reviewers, large publishers and even just to tell friends and acquaintances where to find the book.

We would design and build a simple three page website, host it for one year and obtain and pay for the URL (website address) for just 3000 Baht (about US$100). If the author wished to continue the website for another year we would charge just 600 Baht (about US$20).

A typical three page website would consist of the home page with the book’s cover and description, a page with excerpts from the book, and a page about the author with a contact form. These could change according to the author’s wishes or be expanded, possibly even to a blog. It’s fairly common for these sites to be based on the author rather than the book and it could support more than one title this way.