Cover Design

If you spend any time in bookshops you will realize the cover sells the book. The exception being customers who enter the shop already knowing the book they want to buy order it by its name, or author, or both. Most customers browse, (notice the similarity to internet browsing), the bookshelves, pick up a book looking at its front cover, and if sufficiently interested then turn to the back cover. The ‘blurb’ on the back cover will be the part of the book which completes the sale.

The importance of the cover cannot be underestimated, especially with fiction. In the internet world it still plays a most important role. As potential customers browse the likes of Amazon it’s a rich graphical experience for them. Having seen a book that piques their interest, clicking on the link will take them to the description which is the equivalent, even if less graphical, of the printed book’s back cover.

So for an eBook you need a good front cover, while for a printed book you will need this plus the back cover and spine. Now maybe you already have the perfect cover, a great photograph or illustration and you have already put the title and author on it. That’s great but if you need help in turning that cover into the finished product ask us for help and advice. If on the other hand you need a graphical designer to create a new unique cover for you we will offer the services of an experienced designer to you.

Typical pricing for designing covers from scratch are 3,900 Thai Baht (about US$130) for a front cover for an eBook and 5,700 Thai Baht (about US$190) for front cover, spine and back cover for a printed book. This would be supplying the author with 3 design drafts followed by 3 adjustments to the chosen design. If you already have the design and/or photographs to use but need help in getting them ready we would be happy to quote you a price for finishing the cover. (If you need to use specific commercial stock photos or have a photo-shoot with professional models this would of course involve extra costs.)

Remember if you already have your own cover then there is no charge at all.