We became involved in publishing in a rather strange way. Our company, Proglen Trading Co., Ltd., was the first in Thailand to sell products on the World Wide Web. We were also the first company to open an online bookstore here. You may well have seen our bookshop websites www.dco.co.th and www.dcothai.com.

Over the years we have built up a good relationship with many authors and publishers so when in 2010 we decided that we wanted to join the eBook revolution we started to look for eBooks to sell. This was a problem as there weren’t any available to put on our new website ebooks.dco.co.th.

So what we did was go to some of the authors whose printed books we sell and offer to format eBooks from them. Many agreed and we started to learn more ourselves on the problems and work involved in producing eBooks. We quickly learned that our small website wasn’t enough and that we needed to get these books up on the giants like Amazon.

Because we came to eBook publishing mainly to produce books to put on our own website the publishing part was run like a writers’ co-op with us just taking a management fee for our part in it. This loaded the financial side of book sales very much in favour of the authors with them taking 70% of the revenue earned. This is something we continue to do.